BGS has developed an exclusive processing system for the purposes of previous qualifications checks and course mapping. All verifications are done to understand actual requirement of International education providers and student interest for admissions and transfers at undergraduate or postgraduate level as complete or incomplete. This assessment system for student applications is named as “Recognition of Prior Learning” (RPL) that is also addressed as lateral entry or credits transfer in education industry. During RPL, BGS with its team has established strong business relationships & experience of almost 20 years in education industry globally for transfers, assessments, quality checks and processing at different levels.

BGS has expertise in providing support to national and international education providers and allied from the industry with technical and managerial backgrounds. RPL is a name given to the processing system at BGS for applications of transfer to International Universities and Colleges across the world by implementing country wise set procedures of acceptance. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is not a company or firm with any legal identity but only an internal dedicated facility and processing system of BGS for giving identity and recognition of qualifications for immediate transfers, thus saving time and huge costs of tuition fee. This is an achievement of its kind for all such students who wish to complete their education overseas by taking transfers on behalf of a diploma or part of a degree in hand, from a recognized education provider.

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