In this fast growing world and global connectivity in almost all industries, overseas education is one such industry where majority of individuals in India always dream of having exposure and furthering their education from overseas Universities and Colleges and make their career. Considering the market demand of individuals or students, we process applications for assessments, eligibility check, evaluations, admissions & also assist Visa to study overseas. Besides our exclusive education services we support students with genuine guidelines, family counseling, assist IELTS preparation, support visa processing, bank educational loans, post landing information and other assistance.

One of the special desks fully works on students who wish to join overseas College / University from mid sessions of their existing streams of Colleges they are enrolled elsewhere. BGS also confirms “Credit Transfers” through Recognition of Prior Learning of those interested students who are eligible for the maximum numbers of units thus saving lots of money. Visa is also an important assessment area for BGS, where we support fresh and old applications, Visa rejection cases, interview preparations and tell all procedures to help candidates. We work in transparency with our clients on their applications and Visa requirements. BGS is a team of all professionals working together for the satisfaction of individuals and parents by focusing on lower costs, time saving and right decision for students.

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