BGS undertakes everyday requirement of individuals who are undergoing processing of studies overseas.Such clients are also in need of support on their applications, assessments, evaluations, procedures and sometimes face disputes and grievances at national and international levels. The purpose is to take care of such clients who have suffered from wrong commitments, non-performance, financial issues, cheating & misrepresentation, personal & family issues, employer communications, education provider issues, local disputes, fee refunds, non payments, embassy communications, government and non government departments coordination, documentations, verifications & legalization and many more.

We at BGS provide best support to our clients during all case applications processing through our appointed lawyers and solicitors, who are very well experienced from the industry and would address to these issues of our clients with the best possible solutions. Individuals who seek help during odd circumstances overseas or in India would be supported on fast track communication and coordination on all mentioned grievances, in very reasonable charges. The legal and grievance support by BGS for all problems faced by students, families and all others in India or overseas would not only facilitate and build confidence in individuals or families but would also protect them from damages, loss of money, wrong information, wrong communications, all delays, threats & any other disputes.

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