BGS is having a dedicated business collaboration and development department headed by Kulvinder Singh - Bawa and supported by an experienced from the education industry Mrs. Raspal Kaur, an Australian Training & Development Professional. Business collaborations and associations are always welcomed by BGS. We strive to foster the success of all associates by nurturing a strong interest and pride in business by developing professionalism and ethics. BGS definitely contributes in conveying the ground reality of business & it’s requirements to all associates for overall business success resulting in long association.

BGS also gives support to education industry and entrepreneurs of all categories, who require fresh ideas and some diversification in their businesses & trades due to change of time requirements, demand and many other technical factors. For fresh and new business setups there is a need to genuinely understand individuals, who are interested in doing businesses and have passion with new ideas. In these circumstances there is a need to provide immediate support to such business owners and upcoming entrepreneurs that BGS fulfills by providing blue print and information on ground reality & its execution procedures. BGS has very successfully launched businesses of different clients at national and international platforms from Education and other Sectors.

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